Release Notes, 6 January 2018

We have released a number of exciting features over the past few weeks that will help transform how customer support, sales, and success knowledge is shared and managed.

Improved Browser Extension

You can now search and create cards within the browser extension. In addition, you can highlight text to instantly search or create cards from the highlighted text.

Search for Answers
In the above demonstration, we illustrate an example of searching for information based on the content of an email - this could be an inquiry from a customer or a colleague. By highlighting the text, and then clicking on the extension, Traitly searches across your knowledge silos, returning the most relevant results. You can then link out to and copy the contents of knowledge cards returned in search results, as well as linking out to the sources of other search results, e.g., a Wix Answers or Zendesk knowledge base article.

Create Answers


In the second demonstration, we show how you can create a knowledge card within Traitly based on the contents of an email. You can highlight text that you wish to immortalise within Traitly, as well as creating a new card from scratch.

Extra Check
Before you create a card, you now have an opportunity to search for similar answers within the extension. This will appear as a final step in the process of creating a new card. You can link out to view the similar cards before deciding whether to proceed with creating a new knowledge card.


You may need to update your version of the Traitly extension in order to access the new features highlighted above. Here's a short demo showing how to do so:


User Search

You can now search for users within the team section. This is particularly useful for larger organizations when updating users, or for doing a quick search to check if a user has already joined Traitly before adding.

User Groups

We're very excited about the potential for user groups. A user can now be added to one or more user groups, which can give them elevated access within Traitly. User groups are like teams, e.g., Support Level 1, Support Level 2, QA, Engineering and Content.

Cards and third-party content, e.g., Slack channels and Wix Answers knowledge base categories, can be restricted to users belonging to specific user groups within a matter of seconds. Cards can be restricted on an user group level.


In the example above, only those users who are a member of the "Support Level 3" user group will see this card in search results. User groups are assigned to users as shown below:


Publish cards to your customer-facing knowledge platforms

We play nicely with other third-party knowledge base platforms. Not only can you now publish cards to customer channels, you can specify your own rules that determine when a card can be published to a knowledge base. This is critical in cases where you want your entire team to contribute new customer-facing guides and help articles, enabling a review process by a team lead or content manager before publication.

Traitly enables you to create custom rules, like those shown below:


In the first row, any card with the assigned label "Enterprise Feature", created by an admin user, from any source, must be checked by at least four admins from any user group before it can be published to any connected third-party knowledge base - either public or private.

In the second row, any card with the assigned label "Wix Sales", create by any user level, from any source, must be verified by at least two admin users, who are members of the "Sales Team" user group before it be can be published to a third-party knowledge base.

Any user who wishes to publish a card to a public knowledge base can submit it for review. Once a card has been reviewed, the reviewer can immediately publish the card to the originally intended third-party knowledge base.

Option to search specific sources within Slack

We now enable you to search within specific connected knowledge platforms within Slack, just like you can do within the Traitly app and extension. If you don't find what you're looking for during your initial search, you can click the "Search a specific source" button, like in the example shown above.


Search Result Visibility

You can connect multiple third-party knowledge sources to Traitly. You can set a third-party source, e.g., Wix Answers, as a public or private source. Traitly then shows a lock icon in search results, representing whether a result comes from a public or private knowledge source


Wix Knowledge Sync Updates

By default, Traitly creates cards directly from existing Wix Answers articles. We now replicate updates between Wix Answers articles and cards. Specifically:

  • Updating or deleting a knowledge base article in Wix Answers updates or deletes the corresponding card in Traitly
  • Updating or deleting a Traitly card that has been published to Wix Answers will update the Wix Answers article
  • Unpublishing a Wix Answers knowledge base article will erase the correspnding Traitly card, and erasing an article card will unpublish (but not delete) the corresponding knowledge base article in Wix Answers.
Release Notes, 6 January 2018
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