Personalizing the user onboarding for your SaaS with Intercom, Stripe and Artificial Intelligence

You must make use of tools that guide users through the onboarding process and enable them to evaluate features inside your app that are relevant to them. By personalizing the user onboarding process you can maintain users’ interest moving them towards conversion. Imagine if your business could do so by predicting personalized best actions for each user that needs to be made in order to maximize the retention rate. Well, you can.

Traitly uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help SaaS companies predict user conversion and proactively engage users who are at risk. This means that Traitly’s AI platform, Traitly Predict, encourages each user to perform the next best action at each point in the user journey to increase your onboarding and retention rates. The predicted next best action at each point of the onboarding process makes the end-user experience personalized and marketing, customer spend and growth more efficient.

In order to make such predictions, Traitly fetches data from your Intercom account. This article outlines how you can optimize the user onboarding journey for your freemium-to-premium SaaS business by leveraging data and AI.


You cannot understand your users and who they are unless you track their behaviour and actions. Intercom is a platform that allows you to do so.

Intercom enables software businesses to chat with prospective and existing users within their app, on their website, social media or via email. The platform shows who is using your app which enables you to personally communicate with the user through targeted content. This is made possible by tracking and filtering customer data such as conversation history, product user behaviour and past purchases. Attributes like these can be used to create personalized and automated messages.

Your Intercom account can be integrated and customized to fit your team and business. This means that your account can be super-charged by connecting it with external tools such as Segment, Redshift and Stripe to gain even more insight in your users’ behaviour. However, none of those tools use AI to understand and predict for your users with tailored recommendations, which is where Traitly comes into the picture.

How Traitly brings value to your Intercom account

Your Intercom account needs to be connected with Traitly in order to make sense of your real-time and historical user actions. Traitly learns which of the actions that have taken place are the most vital at each point in time.

When your account is connected Traitly requests data from Intercom and receives information about a user. These are called APIs which are a set of requirements of how one application interacts and communicates with another. The most valuable data that Traitly collects from Intercom are User, Event and Company.

User: Who is the user?
This is Intercom’s record of any user, when being created or when existing users are being updated. It is important as it ties a user to their actions.
{ "type": "user", "id": "530370b477ad7120001d", "user_id": "25", "email": "", "phone": "+1123456789", "name": "Hoban Washburne" }

Event: What is the user doing?
It refers to how each user’s actions are recorded as well as any properties describing the action. These are defined as events and properties are extra pieces of information you can tie to such events.
{ "event_name": "invited-friend", "created_at": 1389913941, "user_id": "342311" }

Company: What account or organization is the user part of?
Multiple users can be linked to an account if they are part of a group such as a company, organization, project or team.

Once Traitly collects the data the users’ behaviour is analyzed which makes it possible to predict what future actions each individual should perform in order to maximise the chances of converting from freemium-to-premium. The next action recommended for each user appears inside Intercom and you can create auto-messages encouraging users to complete key actions at the right time. Traitly acts as the trigger for auto-messages. This means that it predicts who should receive what message and when, eliminating the need for you to manually analyze user data, or worse, guess.

When an action is completed the next recommended action, for example ‘Invite a friend’, is automatically updated and communicated through a new message. This could be an email or in-app message, constantly recommending the next step to bring the user closer to becoming a paying customer.

Users can be segmented based on properties defined inside Intercom. Such information is valuable for Traitly if, for example, the goal is to predict the behaviour of users in a specific region or city.


Stripe is a payment platform for subscription services that includes information about which users paid, when and how much. Your Stripe account can be connected to Traitly which adds to the user behaviour data collected from Intercom. Traitly identifies users who are likely to start, stop or continue to pay. Suppose you create a conversion goal, where you wish to predict who will convert within the first seven days. Traitly would use your Stripe data to identify those users who paid within the first seven days of signing up for your service. Traitly automatically checks whether a user made a payment (that is, if the user successfully converted). Your Stripe account is connected to Traitly similarly to how Intercom is connected (more on this later).

How to connect your Intercom account to Traily

Now that you have some clarity on how Traitly helps you get more out of your Intercom account, the question remains: How do you connect your Intercom account to Traitly?

Once you have signed up for Traitly Predict you need to sign in in order to connect. To connect you need to navigate to the Apps section, click on the Intercom tab and then the ‘Install’ button. The pop-up window shown in the image below will then appear.


When you sign in into Intercom, you will be redirected to an authorization page as shown below. Click ‘Connect’ and your Intercom account will be linked to Traitly.


Once your Intercom account has been connected to Traitly, events and user data will automatically be fetched from your Intercom and generate insights to help improve your user conversion and retention rate. Depending on the the number of users inside your Intercom account, the data synchronization process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

Retargeting your users

Retargeting refers to effectively engaging with users who have signed up for your app but have not yet converted. The aim is to engage users in an effort to improve their odds of converting. How Traitly create such recommended retargeted messages, and are integrated into Intercom and sent to the user, is illustrated below.

Image 1 illustrates a concrete example of how Traitly’s AI-powered platform predicts recommended actions for each user. As seen on the left-hand upper corner, the User Profile is shown. The events each user has completed are automatically updated from Intercom in real-time based on all actions you track for your users with Intercom (shown in the centre of Image 1). On the right-hand side of Image 1, Traitly’s top-recommended actions for the user are illustrated, given that the user’s most recent actions were ‘Create Interview Questions’, ‘Schedule Interview’ and ‘Post a Job’ as seen on the left-hand side. Traitly looks at each user’s recent event history and figures out what actions other successful users with similar event histories did at the same point of the user journey, to predict the best recommended action for this specific user.

Once the next recommended action ‘Invite a Friend’ is completed, the list will be updated and the completed action will be moved to the completed events section. When a user has completed a recommended action, they will not be prompted to complete it a second time.

Image 1

When Traitly has identified a recommended next action for a user, an attribute is updated for the corresponding user inside Intercom’s User Profile platform. Image 2 shows how it looks like within Intercom when the attribute is updated which shows that ‘Invite a friend’ is the recommended action for the specific user.

Image 2

When Traitly updates the user profile with a recommended action, you can create a message that will be sent to the user which is illustrated in Image 3. First, you need to decide who should receive the message. If there are multiple users that need to ‘Invite a Friend’ as their next action, you can group them into an audience. This means that you can create one message for all of these users by adding a rule saying that all of the users with ‘Invite a Friend’ should receive a personalized message asking them to complete the action.

Once the audience and the rule have been determined, you need to select the channel you want the rule message to shown, for example, an in-app message. Then the automated rule message can be created for the corresponding action the user or the audience need to complete. Each type of messaging rule must only to be created once and is then sent automatically.

Image 3

Why you need Traitly

The best way to avoid user attrition is to truly know the users. Because if you know your users and how they behave, the onboarding process can be personalized increasing chances of conversion and builds loyalty. Furthermore, retention is crucial as it is much less expensive to retain existing users than it is to acquire new users. SaaS companies, like yours, spend seven times more on user acquisition than user retention, making it clear that user attrition is costly for businesses. Thus, the benefit of predicting how to retain users and get them onboard for the long run can decrease costs which in turn increases the chances of growing your business.

If you would like to try Traitly Predict today please request a demo and the Traitly team will reach out to you.

Personalizing the user onboarding for your SaaS with Intercom, Stripe and Artificial Intelligence
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