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Customer onboarding journeys can be personalized using AI

Traitly enables you to create personalized journeys for users with different roles, by utilizing our AI (artificial intelligence) system.

Behind the scenes, Traitly builds AI models from your user data. This enables the discovery of the actions that matter most at different points in each users journey - concretely, what your users should be doing on Day 1, 2, …, Week 1, 2, … and so on. Traitly also predicts how likely each user is to complete a goal. For example, Traitly can predict, to a high degree accuracy, who will and will not convert from freemium to paid based on their day-one interaction with your SaaS product alone.

Armed with the knowledge of knowing what each user should be doing to give them the best odds of paying for your SaaS product, you can easily configure Traitly to send personalized messages to customers, whether this be in the form of an intelligent customer onboarding drip campaign using HubSpot or the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a personalized retargeting ad on Facebook or Twitter, or in-app engagement using the Traitly Onboarding Wizard. This can be achieved using a point-and-click segment exporter.

This enables you to personalize the entire user journey, from initial sign-up to the first days, weeks, and months of the user being a paying customer.

But this will take an age, you think? The answer is definitely not. You can connect your data from the existing tools you use, like Segment, Intercom, and Stripe. Traitly then does all of the heavy lifting, for example, fetching your data, formatting, group, and so on, and we generate dynamic segments and recommendations for each user.

What's left for you to do? Your job is to action our recommendations using our point-and-click segment exporter. This can be set up in as little as minutes. Magic. Really, it's that simple.

Do you want to begin optimizing for your users? Email me at aaron@traitly.com and I'll send you a beta invite if we have availability.

Customer onboarding journeys can be personalized using AI
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