IT Help Desk Use-Case

This article describes how IT teams can use Traitly for internal support ticket deflection and ticket management - all within Slack.

Slack has become the default, first-stop for employees when they have an internal IT issue. Already-constrained IT support teams not only have to deal with tickets via IT ticketing platforms, like Jira Service Desk, but are now expected to be constantly available to help employees trouble-shoot in real-time.

Introducing Traitly.

Traitly connects internal documentation platforms, like Confluence and Google Drive, internal ticketing, for example, Jira Service Desk, to where discussions happen - Slack.

Here's how:

Employee user experience

When an employee has an IT issue, they post a message in a dedicated IT support channel within Slack - for example:


Here, the employee first searches Traitly for an answer across all (or some) of your connected knowledge platforms, e.g., Confluence. If the employee doesn't find an answer to their question, they have the option to create an IT support ticket. They are prompted to select the ticket type - e.g., "Computer support", and they are automatically presented with a native Slack form. The fields shown in the form come directly from your Jira Service Desk account, with no additional configuration required within Traitly.

Once they submit their ticket, they will see a copy within the Slack channel.

Slash Commands
Employees can also create a ticket without having to search first. To do, they can use the /traitlyit Slack slash command, followed by the term "ticket":


IT agent user experience

IT support engineers automatically receive a notification when a new IT ticket is submitted, through a designated Slack admin channel. From here, admins can update the ticket's status (as per the status update options available via Jira Service Desk), in addition to assigning a participant, and creating a triage Slack channel specifically for the ticket if a more in-depth discussion is required.


Creating a triage Slack channel for a ticket
For some tickets, a more detailed discussion will be required, perhaps with input from multiple people. Traitly accounts for this.

When an IT admin clicks "Create Triage Channel", a channel dedicated to the specific ticket is automatically created within your Slack workspace:


Once again, you can update the status of the ticket, and assign participants. Also, you will see a "Create Zoom Meeting" option - more on this later.

Messages exchanged in this Slack channel are automatically synced with the ticket in Jira Service Desk, all within real-time. Similarly, comments added to the ticket within the Jira Service Desk platform are automatically synced with the Slack channel where the ticket is being triaged.

Files uploaded to the Slack channel are also synced with the Jira Service Desk platform in real-time, ensuring that you're always in-sync. Traitly supports all files types already supported by Jira Service Desk.


Zoom Integration

Traitly integrates directly with Zoom and Slack, enabling you to create a Zoom meeting to discuss a particular ticket. Click "Start Zoom Meeting" and a new meeting will instantly appear within the triage Slack channel:


Thread Comment Syndication

When an agent creates a triage Slack channel to discuss a ticket, or they turn a service desk ticket into a Slack thread, Traitly automatically syncs messages added to the thread or triage Slack channel with the corresponding Jira Service Desk ticket. This doesn't just work for textual messages within Slack - other media types, for example, images and PDF documents types, are also supported. Here is an example:


Instant Ticket Creation from Emoji Reactions

Traitly enables you to instantly create Jira Service Desk tickets from specific emoji reactions added to Slack messages. Here is an example:


We respect your privacy. This means that you can only create tickets from emoji reactions when added to a message in a public Slack channel.

Agents get to specify which emoji reactions invoke service desk ticket creation within Slack. This can be configured from the Jira Service Desk configuration page within Traitly:


IT Help Desk Use-Case
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